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        Therapy Gear helps calm,

focus, relieve stress, and keeps

lonely fingers very busy, all while

having loads of fun! This fidget toy

covers a wide range of therapeutic

applications. Twirling between

fingers is an excellent way to

improve fine motor skills and

finger dexterity. Rolling the Gear

between both hands builds

hand and finger coordination.

Or just rolling it back and forth

over fingers gives a smooth

sensational feeling which is great

for people with sensory issues.

      Don't be fooled by its simplicity, this toy is bound to become a therapist's number one go to! 

Price varies depending on quantity. Please be in touch for bulk discounts.

Why FidGr ?

FidGr was created to keep your fingers in constant motion.

...instead of just watching a toy in motion!

FidGr has endless possibilities. you can fidget as your heart desires!

FidGr is small and lightweight. won't even know it's in your pocket!

FidGr is made durable - designed to last. 

No moving parts. No greasing necessary. Your fingers do all the work, so as long as you eat and drink you should be fine!


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